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Embrace. Develop. Expand.

Our Mission

The mission of Gainesville Preparatory School is to embrace each child as uniquely made in the image of God, and develop them as disciples of Christ who flourish spiritually, socially, and academically in order to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. 

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Our History

Gainesville Preparatory School was started in 2019 prior to the covid-19 pandemic and doubled in size during the 2020-2021 school year as many students moved to more non-traditional methods of education.  Located on Thompson Bridge Road, we have expanded twice, from 1500 Square Feet to 5200 Square feet in three short years! While the school began as a place for students whose needs were not being met by traditional methods of schooling, we have expanded to serve all types of students through our highly-individualized methods made possible to us by maintaining small class sizes (7-10 students). 

In April 2022, we will relocate to 701 Medical Park Lane and an 11,000 Square Foot Facility that will allow us to expand our capabilities to reach more students. We enrolled 49 students for the 2022-2023 school year! We will be adding an Impact Christian Scholars program that offers students AP classes in a Christian environment, with a service component, and a senior project that prepares them for their next educational steps. Moving forward, our goal is to continue to reach students through small class sizes while offering more extracurricular activities and sports, all undergirded by a Christian foundation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impart not just knowledge to students, but Christian character that will shape and impact their lives and the lives around them in far more ways than the simple transfer of information. Students will leave GPS having been stretched academically, spiritually, and morally, creating a strong base for their continuing education and other life endeavors. Students will flourish in whatever future profession they choose, impacting their fields in massive ways for the glory of God and His mission in the world. Our students will influence those around them as they take part in God's mission to renew and restore all things; the poor and the widow and the foreigner will be cared for and the Kingdom of God will become visible and tangible due to their influence. 

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