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Teacher and Pupil

Educational Support Services (ESS)

All students are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, showing forth the manifold goodness and wisdom of God, and because of this, we believe it is our calling to serve those who have learning differences and challenges. All students at Gainesville Prep participate in general education classes, but some students may need additional academic assistance to ensure that they flourish and this the goal of our ESS program. 

What students does ESS serve?

The ESS program at Gainesville Prep benefits students that:

- Have one or more cognitive differences, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, autism, executive functioning disorder, ADHD, processing delays or a form of memory deficit

- Can flourish in the general education classroom with the proper academic supports

- Need accommodations for testing, such as more time or a quiet room


- May need an ESS Class Period to complete quizzes, projects, and other class assignments

- Do not need curriculum modified to allow them to succeed 


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What does access to ESS include?

The ESS program provides the following for all families and students:
Level 1
- Access to our Curriculum and Special Education Coordinator

- Creation of an individualized Learning Plan that assists them in navigating their learning challenges in the general education classroom and enables them to access our curriculum with accommodations that provide the necessary support for their success

- Accommodations for testing, including standardized tests; accommodations may include individual testing rooms, extended time, having tests read aloud, completed notes and study guides, and other individualized scaffolding

Additional services may include:

Level 2

- An ESS class period that provides additional services in a smaller group setting to complete day-to-day classwork and homework assignments

Level 3

- Individualized tutoring, during or after-school through 3CTutoring; this is provided at a steeply discounted rate and is paid on an as-needed basis

How much is access to ESS?

The ESS program pricing is as follows:

Level 1

$1500 per year added to normal tuition rates

Level 2

$3000 per year added to normal tuition rates


Level 3

$3000 per year added to normal tuition rates plus as needed fees for tutoring

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