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Extra Curricular Activities

As a newly founded school, we understand the importance and value that extra curricular activities bring to a student's life. With that in mind, we are offering the activities below and are aiming to add more, even for the 2022-2023 school year.

Building a Robot

Lego Robotics

Could you ask for a better combination than Legos and robots? Our students will have level appropriate tasks to complete with the Lego Branded robotics kits  and as they progress they will even become involved in Lego Robotics competitions!

Middle and High School Sports

More information coming soon! Email to express interest in a particular sport.

Group of Runners
quiz bowl.jpeg

Quiz Bowl

Want a little friendly competition while learning interesting facts and developing new friendships? Quiz Bowl might just be the ticket for you! Our team will participate in local competitions with the hopes of advancing to the regional and national level!


For our elementary age students, we encourage them to join an I-9 baseball, basketball, or soccer team! Gainesville Prep will offer sign-ups and if there is enough interest, form a school team with a coach from amongst our faculty, administration, or parents. Stay tuned throughout the year for the numerous opportunities to get involved. To learn more about I9Sports, click here.

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